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may 2013 update

PRIVILEGES AND GRATITUDE:  "When you are at your best, you unlock another you" 
In March 2013, the President of our Union of Jewish Women of South Africa, Mrs. Margot Segal, lead our National Executive Council meeting here in Johannesburg excellently,& such a warm & co-operative atmosphere prevailed.
The vision & involvement of our currently young leaders of our Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, East London, & Port Elizabeth branches in their community upliftment projects were shared, & discussed in detail. It was generally fellt, that without commitment to improve the lives of those in need, our lives would not improve.
It is a privilege to share some of their projects with you.
Yad Sarah: Through this project, members of their community, are able to hire wheelchairs, walkers, etc. from the Union of Jewish Women, at a nominal fee. 
Women's Resource Centre: The branch created a domestic worker's day with refreshments, entertainment & lectures. 
St. Luke's Hospice Calendar: The branch, raises money from this calendar of contributors, which goes towards the salary of one of the palliative care sisters.
On Mitzvah day, the branch provided the children of St. Martin's home with entertainment & a "wors roll" i.e. like a hamburger sausage roll, burgers & supper.
Above all that, 25 new mattresses were supplied & the branch, intends supplying new linen & curtains for the boy's dormitory. 
Bobba Zaida Trip: The branch, has chosen a granny to visit her family overseas. It is many years since she has seen them.
The Sunshine Place Annual Christmas Party: This was a highlight for 15 children who had never been taken to a restaurant. Each child, was presented with two pairs of new shoes, & a lovely gift. 
"It was so wonderful to see the children have such fun away from their home." 
Reach for a dream: Five dreams were donated to very sick children. 
Mitzvah Day: A fun filled day for abandoned children. 
Cansa: The branch cooks meals for families in need.
World Mitzvah Day 18.11.2012: The branch's young group "Yocheved", held their annual Xmas party at the Johannesburg Executive branch's house at Oak Street on Mitzah Day. This was for about 100 orphans & abused children who were treated to a jumping castle, face painting, a disco, a great lunch & gifts. 
Stop Hunger Now Campaign: What a wonderful project this was. About 10,000 meals were packed by children from a religious girl's school together with children from the Alexander Lutheran Church. This function was sponsored by a bank. 
I also want to mention the Johannesburg branch's self Empowerment Sewing School which has had to be put on hold for a while. This project successfully empowered a number of unemployed women from a disadvantaged area to earn an income.
On Mitzvah day, the branch sent out an email, & through the good response that they had, they were able to take a scrumptious tea to the Cuylerholme senior residence. 
The branch, gives tax certificates for donations over R750-00. 
The branch also gets shipments of books from Australia which they distribute. 
Fires in the shack areas, prompted the branch to do an email collection, & a ton of meaty bones were collected & given to the soup kitchen. 
We the members of the National Executive Council, are all so proud of the work done by our branches, & the outstanding & beneficial work of our International Council of Jewish Women.  

9 members of our organisation attended the Herczeg Education Seminar in Jerusalem. It is with much gratitude to the late Rosa & Esteban Herczeg in whose memory this educational seminar was created, for having the desire & foresight to provide for this privilege. The Seminar, has to be in Jerusalem, & take place every four years.  
Irene Zuckerman, our current Vice President, & past President of our Union of Jewish Women, & long standing member of ICJW, & Chairman of their Africa Region, has been nominated as a "Life Member" of the International Council of
Jewish Women.  

The Union of Jewish Women's sincere thank you & gratitude goes to the President of the International Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. Sharon Gustafson, for all her dedication, leadership & forward thinking, & to the committee of the forthcoming Herczeg Seminar, for everything they have done towards the success & benefit of this seminar. 

We feel sincerely honored that the President of ICJW., Mrs. Sharon Gustafson, will be with us here in Johannesburg, South Africa, from the 18 - 20 August 2013, when we the Union of Jewish Women of South Africa, will host our 30th National Triennial Conference of :- 'PRESENT TENSE - FUTURE PERFECT'   
                                                                                                                                    Report by Mina Sable, VP of the South African  Affiliate of the ICJW