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women in business newsletter

The Union of Jewish Women in South Africa has published a Newsletter about Women in Business, Professions and Enterprise - click here to download the PDF file.

The Newsletter was primarily compiled by Myra Goldenbaum, a vice president of the Union. 

ICJW President Sharon Gustafson says: "This is an excellent example of an affiliate working to support many of our Program Policy Statements which encourage women in public life, oppose activities which limit opportunities for women, and support all efforts to eliminate gender inequality whether religious or secular.  Clearly women ARE achieving -- and I encourage all affiliates to consider compiling a similar "newsletter" for distribution in your own country."  

"While ICJW is clearly an organization of committed Jewish women, our commitment is actually to all women and I urge us to ensure the broader general public is aware of how profoundly we support opportunities for women around the world."