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feeding the hungry

One of the many community service projects organized by the UJW of South Africa is our feeding scheme for 163 Jewish members  of the public who are unable to cook for themselves.

Meals are cooked twice a week at the old aged home in Johannesberg, and we have volunteers who arrive early to pack nutritious meals, including meat, fruit and vegetables. These are delivered twice a week by another set of volunteers to the recipients' homes. 

Each individual receives a meal a day for 7 days of the week and on special holidays are given additional treats. These recipients are first screened by our social worker to asses their need and to make sure they are bona fide.

In winter they are given new warm blankets, and when we had our serious outages in electricity we gave each person a special lamp. We also provided warm thermos flasks for keeping soup or any beverages hot. 

We are in the process of providing panic buttons, which are linked to the local security company and medical centre, so that any elderly person living alone will be able to contact someone in case of need, as many of these people have no relatives at all. 

We also feed hot meals 5 days a week to approx. 150 elderly residents in the Alexander township  They arrive with their plastic boxes so they can take home and share the meal with their families.