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helping children in russia

The "Hava Russia" Jewish Women's organization was established in 1991 with the support of International Council of Jewish Women. Today "Hava Russia" unites more  then 45 women clubs and programs in more than 20 cities of Russia and the FSU. 
Our programs give an opportunity to our women to acquire one more specialty, opening up their creative abilities and talents for music, painting, and applied arts. In return, our members participate in the social community life, help elderly people and children with special needs, and organize charity fairs to raise funds for community projects.
"Hava Russia" plays an active part in many state and international projects concerning the social protection of women and children,  cooperating with religious and charitable organizations in Moscow and other Russian cities. 
Our activities can be divided into three areas: 
  • Family and children's programs, 
  • Cultural and educational programs 
  • Social programs
All programs and projects are closely related, but we want to highlight the social programs "Project Integration" and "Volunteers School". 

"Project Integration” is aimed for children with special needs. It gives families with seriously ill children an opportunity to become a part of Hava’s life, and to receive support and attention. The project is currently working with 100 families. In the framework of  this project, psychologists, speech pathologists, and therapists from leading correctional centers in Moscow for children with special needs are working with children and parents. 

This project has been running for over 15 years. It has helped and continues to help so many children and their families to feel like full members of society, and to feel that they belong to the Jewish community. 
The "Volunteers School" is a program for youth and students. The aim of this project is to help them develop the skills necessary for volunteer work, by learning how to understand the needs and interests of people with disabilities and to assist in the right way. 

The project teaches young people how to assist children with special needs, the elderly  and disabled people, including helping at our vacation camp. Through training and practical work, our volunteers gain an experience of social responsibility. 

Two or three times each year  "Hava Russia" organizes a vacation camp for children and their parents, with workshops for the volunteers who come  from more than 20 regions of Russia to help out.