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hava jewish women's association - 2014 report

Every person who visit our centers  “Hava” from one year-old child to a person of a honorable age, all together over 1500 people, can feel here at home. Therefore every one is happy in “Hava”, children and adults alike. 

Of course, this is not a cloudless happiness – this never happens, especially with the Jews. Difficulties and troubles might happens; these walls hear not only laugh, but also witness sorrow and sadness. As in any Jewish home, life is turbulent here, and there is no place for boredom.

We live our ordinary life, we celebrate Jewish holidays, conduct exhibitions, organize country camps for kids and learning seminars, chat and conduct together activities with our colleagues from other national communities. 

We have very kind and friendly relationship with representatives of Armenian, Georgian, German, Tatar, Dagestan, Lithuanian, Polish, Azerbaijan, Korean, Tajik communities. We conduct together activities, tell people about our culture and also necessarily conduct a degustation of national dishes, which are obligational for certain holidays.

We have more than 35 different programs that are organically fixed with each other. These are religious projects, lectures about history and tradition, Hebrew learning course, Sunday school for children and adults, international programs, child developing program, programs for elderly people, sport projects, dance and vocal studios, volunteer school, cinema club, library, ceramist and patchwork studio, art gallery, programs for deaf and hard-hearing Jews, psychological trainings and seminars and much more, but we want to tell you about several projects.
     Within international meetings of women clubs we had conducted a pilot project “Teleconference Moscow-Kazan: A role of Woman in Judaism and Islam”. Right now this project is going to become permanent, it is becoming more and more popular not only in Jewish organizations, but also in Muslim communities. We are trying not to lose connection with our colleagues in other regions of Russia and in other countries. We are sustaining close connection with other Jewish and women organizations of Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.  

One of our main programs is the program “Integration” – integration of families with children who have special needs into a Jewish Community.  This is long-term project (more than 15 years) and we are happy that many children were able to realize themselves in social life. For today this project is covering   almost every Jewish organization and community of Moscow and nearby cities. “Hava” – is an organizer and coordinator of this project. This program is the most expensive. We are trying to cut the budget of other programs to help families in difficult situations.

Unfortunately in the last years Jewish people leave Russia. And, as a consequence, we need to change some projects and try to orientate on young generation. That’s how 4 years ago a young Jewish musical group had been created.  Right now it is a big project – it is a vocal singing school with students and teachers. Our vocalists take prize places on many country championships. They sing in Hebrew or in Yiddish. Young people take part in all our holidays. Give concerts at schools, institutes and other national communities.

Together with educational programs, there is a project, about which we want tell separately. This program grants an opportunity for women to get new knowledge and often a new profession. For today this program is needed by women of age from 45 to 55. First of all, it is a program of learning computers and programs,  that are needed in different spheres. Right now we are looking for a new room for our classes. 

We have problems, of course. It is a permanent looking for financing, lack of volunteers, growing prices on rent and public services and manifestations of anti-Semitism. We are trying to find new resources, sometimes we are successful, sometimes not. But we are looking in future with a smile.