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unesco marks holocaust memorial day 2013

ICJW's representative at UNESCO, Norma Anav, reports that UNESCO will commemorate the victims of the Shoah on International Holocaust Memorial Day on 28 January 2013, as it has done regularly in the past.

Their event is organized in partnership with the office of United Nations Special advisor for the Prevention of Genocide and with the support of the Permanent Delegation of Belgium, who will organize a conference on the theme "From Holocaust Education to the Prevention of Genocide. What have we learned from the past?"

It will be followed by a ceremony in the evening with speakers such as the Ambassador of Israel, Nimrod Barkan, the President of Bulgaria and the French Minister of Education.

There will also be 2 exhibitions on 1) Resistance and Rescue in Denmark, organized by the Shoah Memorial in Paris, and 2) "Rescue, Preserving Humanity during the Holocaust", organized by the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation.