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unesco's plans for 2014

The UNESCO Executive Board Committee of Non Governmental Partners (NGP) met on September 26, 2013, with NGOs and the Secretariat participating in this meeting.

Contrary to what used to be a whole working day of communication between the Committee and NGOs, the Agenda this year focused mainly on the forthcoming Youth Forum in October, leaving a very short time to discussions on the implementation of the 2013-2014 Action Plan.

UNESCO has organized 4 Forums for 2013-2014. The first Forum was held in Paris on the theme: "What are the Education Goals for Citizens of Tomorrow's World - is Quality Enough?" The second Forum will take place in China or India in February 2014 on the theme "The Role of Women and Poverty". The 3rd Forum theme is "Water for All", planned to take place in Africa, in May/June 2014. ICJW representatives at UNESCO are participating in 3 different sub-groups for the planning of this Forum. The 4th Forum's theme is "Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage". It is intended to be held in Eastern Europe, and ICJW affiliates in this region will be contributing to this Forum.

UNESCO has also set 3 international days in 2014: Literacy, Culture of Peace. and Migrants Days.

The UNESCO General Conference will be held next November 2013 and will nominate a new Director General.