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icjw calls unrwa to account

ICJW's representatives to the United Nations in New York have written to three US Senators who are demanding that  US Secretary of State John Kerry conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the activities of the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza.

They are urging the US government to investigate why Hamas was storing weapons in United Nations facilities during the current hostilities in Gaza. Their letter says:

"During the ongoing fighting between Hamas and Israel, we question the actions and motives of UNRWA and its connection to Hamas, a terrorist organization. The facts seem to speak for themselves-UN facilities were used for weapon storage and as launching sites for rockets into Israel, an ally of the United States. 

"In addition, one-sided statements condemning Israel were issued by UNWRA while totally ignoring Hamas’ actions and any wrongdoings. And finally 25 out of 27 elected members on UNRWA’s union board are affiliated with Hamas. It is an outrage for the United States and the UN to stand idly by in light of all this.

"The United States is the single largest donor to UNRWA. Since 1950 more than $5 billion has been earmarked for its use. In light of current abuses, as tax payers we are against this current funding and resent that our dollars are being funneled into its budget. As taxpayers US dollars should not be used to support any affiliation between Hamas and UNRWA. As taxpayers we deserve answers.

"We support Senators Cardin, Rubio, and Kirk when they denounce UNRWA’s role and join in their demand for an investigation. We urge the State Department to investigate UNRWA and to ask the United Nation’s leadership to hold UNRWA accountable."

ICJW affiliates are urged to add their voices to this campaign, which is being led by ICJW's representatives at the United Nations. Please contact the ICJW office to see how you can help. 

Download our Press Release here or click here to read the article published in the Jerusalem Post.