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new austrian affiliate

Liliane Seidman, ICJW European Chair reports on the establishment of a new ICJW Affiliate in Austria. 

Gerda Frey, our long-standing, independent and reliable ICJW delegate at the UN in Vienna, was looking for someone to replace her. With this in mind, she arranged to be interviewed and made an appeal to the Jewish community calling for a woman who would be interested to take over her job. The article appeared in the local Jewish magazine. The response was swift. Five women, none of whom knew each other, contacted Gerda to get more information about ICJW and to create a new affiliate.

That’s why Gerda invited me to Vienna to meet those women who wanted further information about the procedures for joining ICJW. I went and stay in Vienna from Sunday 7 till Tuesday 9 June.

On Monday, Gerda organised a pleasant working lunch, having invited the women who were interested. They came from different professional backgrounds, spoke fluently English and were eager to know more about ICJW.

I gave them an introduction to ICJW, stating our aims, describing our projects and underlining our involvement on the international level. We had a brainstorming session considering eventual projects. They are prepared to create a women's group in Vienna starting in September 2015.
Looking forward to presenting our new affiliate at our next Executive meeting in Mexico