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cstip and the un office of drugs & crimes

Rita Fishman, one of ICJW's UN NY representatives, reports on the April 2017 meeting of the  Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons.

At the April meeting of the CSTIP, Yu Ping Chan, UNODC Special Policy Advisor, spoke. 

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes (UNODC) serves as the main office working on the Palermo Protocol, including getting member states to sign on to the Protocol, as well as strengthening legal systems and identifying victims of trafficking on the ground. Last year they launched a major campaign to strengthen and emphasize the work of grass roots organizers. 

The UN Plan of Action has become a more visible document with a second meeting scheduled in September to review the document with the hope of countries committing to buy into the Global Plan of Action.

A new program launched by UNODC GLOACT can be looked at on the UNODC website. A discussion will take place in Vienna on migration, refugees, and trafficking.

Yu Ping hopes UNODC and civil society will work together to educate communities to prevent human trafficking. To that end we are in conversation with UNODC to bring the GIFT BOX project to the UN in July.